Collaborative. Original. Driven. Curious. Transparent. Hysterical. Positive. Proactive. Resourceful. We could go on, but we'll leave that to the dictionary.

We're all different. We've come from recruiting, marketing, technology and engineering, from agencies and start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. We live across the nation (from California to the New York island ... literally). We're rooted in the values SmashFly was founded on—they're a driving force for why our team is ... our team.



There's always something new happening! The people are high-wattage... intense, but relaxed.


SmashFly has an incredibly collaborative culture with people who encourage each other & share celebrations & successes. And we always have one too many laughs together.


I get to work with some of the smartest & most talented people in the industry, with a culture that values mutual respect, transparency, innovation & integrity.


We are game changing. We are bringing something that is needed, new, different & disruptive to the HR space.

I do a buh-zillion different things, and I'm crazy-busy all day long as new challenges get thrown my way. Keeps me sharp and the days FLY by. Sometimes I feel like a contestant on one of those extreme game shows with the obstacle courses. But I find it exhilarating.

Ted Ruscitti Chief Customer Officer

I sound like a cheerleader, but everything about working for a start-up is great. The excitement of helping build and develop something from the ground up is a blast (pun intended). You truly have to work as a team and the egos have to stay home. The team goal is everyone's goal.

Mary Regan Customer Support Analyst

The diverse age groups and backgrounds in the office (and virtual office) breeds a dynamic of curiosity amongst one another instead of factions."

CB Lara Manager, Opportunity Consultants

Don't believe us? Listen to them.

As leaders in the HR space, we know how much Glassdoor matters. We're lucky to have vocal team members affirm our culture and discipline time after time.