Awareness & Demand

SmashFly is marketing automation for recruiting—a best-in-class platform that helps talent acquisition organizations find, attract, engage, nurture and convert interested leads into qualified applicants.

Our Marketing team is bringing best-practice marketing principles to the process of talent acquisition, teaching modern recruiting teams key inbound marketing strategies that will give their organization an edge in hiring the best talent. We need marketing mavens and creative big thinkers to keep the SmashFly brand clever and bold and everywhere, as well as help our customers understand and master recruitment marketing best practices using our recruitment marketing automation software.


Demand Generation

You experiment because you’re interested in the science behind marketing. You like to measure and test and optimize because you know there are always ways to deliver stronger results. And you’re organized. You can easily coordinate some pretty complex marketing programs, and you want to be part of a fresh, bold team who is scaling. 

Content & Communications

You are a master communicator & storyteller. You love creating concise, consumable content because you know this is the way companies can add value. You find creative ways to project the company’s voice in the market with media, analysts and across social. 

Product Marketing

You thrive on creating simplified stories from complex technical jargon. You’re the ultimate translator from software to marketing because you have a way of communicating the brand through the voice of the customer. You know that building strong relationships with industry analysts will drive company and product credibility, and you love the challenge of creating a new category.

Customer Marketing

Developing customers into advocates and turning users into fans is second nature to you. You’re a relationship builder who can foster brand affinity, generate referral leads and create positive word of mouth. You enjoy bringing people together to create a community where individuals learn from each other and derive strength from the collective community experience. 

Creative & Branding

You know that a brand is a promise, not a logo or a tagline, and you understand how to communicate a brand identity visually. You can easily define the goals behind every piece of creative material you’ve developed and tie them back to Marketing strategies and customer insight, because you love to measure the impact of your work. You push boundaries.

Marketing Team










Bold. Smart. Playful. Warm. One step ahead. We’re builders and strategists and doers. We love the science behind B2B SaaS marketing. We wish we could post a picture of our white-boarding brainstorms. Bad ideas don’t exist here (although we’re not saying we use them all …). Nothing is too big or too small, and egos are left at the door. We frequently ask a big question, only to find our teammate answered it on the next slide of their presentation. Other times, we’re blown away by an ingenious idea none of us had thought of yet. We complement each other and root for each other’s success.

Our team works from coast to coast, and smack dab in the middle of the U.S., too. We Skype, we IM, we text, we call, we email [nonstop]. When we’re all in the Concord or Boston office together, it’s glorious. Our team building consists of food tours, Red Sox games, hours of laughter, long discussions over drinks and an occasional craps table. We all know what’s going on with each other all the time, and the collaboration is genuine and spirited.

If you’re willing to learn, willing to teach, willing to fail, willing to be all hands-on-deck, willing to have a sense of humor … you will fit into our fast-growing, epic team. Check out the open Marketing careers or join our Talent Network to keep in the loop.